Client Interview in Jamshedpur

Client Interview in Jamshedpur 1

Location: Middle East

Industry: Universal Voltas

Occupational Category: Urgently Required for a Universal Voltas

Employment Type: Full-time, 48 hours per week


Client Interview in JAMSHEDPUR On 16 JUNE 2019
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Note Diploma / ITI Must. 5 to 8 Yrs. Experience Indian or Gulf
INDUSTRIAL TRAINING & TEST CENTRE 0657-2290282, 2292118 Email : [email protected]
Nasim Marriage Hal Rom No. 3 84 noun Sllankar Road. Year Eidgah Madan Jug alai, Jurahidpur431A. JhaMand E: 8235003535 / 9507052766 4): gmc-Jamshedpur i:9693656777196080567771810275677719608756777

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